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It Wasn’t Love At First Sight

As told by Mary:

When Johnny approached me at my desk at State Farm Insurance Corporate Headquarters (Fall 1972), I believed he must be quite young because of his demeanor, his bounce when he walked and stature.  He proceeded to ask me my name and telephone number which I just laughed.  Johnny followed me to my car after work and explained that if I didn’t talk to him I would get fired from my job because he was a member of the Minority Group.  I again laughed, left and arrived in my apartment with the telephone ringing (my boss gave out the information that I was withholding).

We started dating that evening and was a whirlwind of many gifts coming my way from this young man.  Johnny certainly knew what the word “courting” meant.  After a few months, my father gave his blessing for us to be married, but suggested we wait a while. 
We were married just shy of one year of our first date on August 18, 1973 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Streator, Illinois.

The motto I’ve lived with my entire life is “Live Life With Laughter.”  Needless to say I’ve been laughing for 50 years with this man. 

Nope, not love at first site, but I’m totally convinced God had his hand in our marriage.

My Butterfly

As told by Johnny:

My childhood years spent in Malaysia allowed me to indulge in many hobbies with nature.  One of my fondest memories was netting butterflies out in the fields in the village where my family lived.  Netting a Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing butterfly, which is the national butterfly of Malaysia, was regarded as rare and alluring to me.  It was listed on eBay for $3,850 (April 28, 2022).  As destiny would have it, I found my precious Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing butterfly in Bloomington, Illinois , except that it is not the insect but my life long partner, Mary Alice (Jonen).


It was in 1972 that I saw my gorgeous butterfly fluttering across my office space at Corporate State Farm Headquarter.  Chasing after her as I walked to the parking lot, her allure compelled me to ask her for her phone number, but she did not say no, but instead lifted her chin with a smile and drove away.  Not giving up, as this person is God sent, I was able to convince her boss to give me her phone number.   Rang her right away, and she was sounding so sweet on the phone and agreed to our first dinner date.   I think we went to The Elm, in a nearby town.  Watching her filled my body with excitement and after dinner we managed to take a walk in a park where I kissed her and sealed our fate.  We got married on August 18, 1973 and that was the happiest day of my life.  God has been good to us since and blessed us with three children.  Angela gave us four lovely grandchildren and Amy gave us a precious grandson.  Bryan is still sailing in life , still searching.  We wish him best and one day we hope he will sail home with a soul mate, maybe, more grandchildren. 


Born in Streator, Illinois
June 12, 1950. 

Johnny Chin


Born in Ipohperak, Malaysia
December 23, 1946. 
Moved to the US in 1966

That's what she said.

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